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Anyone who has ever turned pages for a classical musician will recognize the value of the Tonara iPad app, which aims to give sheet music its own smarts so it knows when to turn the page on its own, based on what the musician is playing... (read more) review by Eliot Van Buskirk

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With Tonara, turning pages is a thing of the past. Tonara, voted "App Of The Week" in China, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is the next generation sheet music application. 

It listens to you. As you play, it shows where you are on the score and automatically turns the pages. 

You can playback your practice and performance sessions, and even share them with your friends.

Tonara provides a high quality music library with scores of various levels, instruments and styles. Each of these scores has been formatted especially for the iPad viewing experience. 

We are constantly adding new scores to the music library, so you can enjoy new music every time you use the app.


  • Automatic page turning 
  • Score following with Tonara's magic marker
  • Play alone or with others 
  • Listen back to your sessions
  • Share your performances with friends and colleagues 
  • Noise resilient 
  • Shows your tempo at any given moment 
  • Metronome - visual and audio
  • Substantial sheet music store
  • Scores formatted for the iPad 
  • Appropriate for any level musician 

We hope you enjoy Tonara Magic.


Tonara, creator of the first interactive sheet music iPad app, announces the launch of Scribbles, a new feature designed to make playing even more enjoyable. The Tonara app, suited for musicians at every level, now offers the chance to add annotations and symbols to your score, to remind you of fingerings, pedal marks and other useful signs.

The new Scribbles feature includes dozens of symbols that can be added intuitively anywhere you want them: above, below or within the staff lines. They are divided into ten different categories, from instrument specific (annotations for piano or string instruments) to general indications. Adding Scribbles is very intuitive - just place your finger on the symbol you need and either drag it to its desired location, or tap the score directly there.

Scribbles are organized in layers, enabling the user to save different layers in different colors for separate occasions.

The Scribbles feature helps cement Tonara as one of the most progressive, user-friendly sheet music applications, assisting the user in becoming a better musician through technology.

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