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Control your music playback with claps on the front or back of your device! No headphones with remote? No problem! Just put the device in your pocket or on table and use your hand or finger/s to clap on your device. ... Features in this version: - clap on the device 2x to skip to the next track(like a double click with your mouse) - clap on the device 3x to skip to the previous track - adjust clap detection sensitivity - swipe the cover to skip tracks - tap the cover to play - choose playlist - shuffle mode - lock screen with energy saving function(only iPhone) Play with the sensitivity slider to find the perfekt value for your activity. We plan to add more features and even better detection while doing sports (jogging,cycling) in future versions, so stay tuned and have fun! Attention: Clap detection requires your device to be unlocked and tipSkip running as top application. Use the builtin lockscreen feature to save battery and lock the screen.

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