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***Discover Your Music Scene***

Timbre is a free, location-based band discovery app that finds local music and shows for you! Set it to your current location, or check out the music scene in San Francisco, New York City, or any other location you can dream of.*


***Your Ears Know Best***

Timbre was designed with the belief that your ears know best. Instead of tedious searching by genre or artist, Timbre automatically locates artists performing near you and starts playing their music.


***Go See Your New Favorite Band***

Once you're listening, it's easy to find your groove. First song not your cup of tea? A quick swipe on the screen and you’re rocking out to someone else. Like what you hear? Purchase tickets to the show straight from the app.


***That’s a Lot of Things***

Timbre searches a database that contains more than 65,000 artists and 75,000 venues, so you’re guaranteed to find a great show near you!


***Coming Soon***

More bands, more countries, more music. Give us 5 stars if you love the app, and shoot us a note at feedback@timbreapp.com if you have suggestions.


*Today, US only. Tomorrow, the world!**


**"Tomorrow" is used figuratively and may not refer to an exact amount of time in days.



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