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Put a theremin in your pocket. Modeled after the infamous instrument that lent spooky sounds to countless classic sci-fi and horror films, Theremin-ator allows you to evoke the theremin magic by using the touch or accelerometer interface on your iPhone. Simply move your finger horizontally to change pitch, and vertically to control the volume. If you want a really 'airy' feel, hit 'options' and hit 'accel': now you can control pitch and volume by simply moving your iDevice around, touch-free. With its one-button grid overlay (you can choose to see musical tones or frequencies) and accel-or-touch following crosshairs, Thereminator also makes one of the most notoriously challenging musical instrument slightly more... manageable. Features: Six-and-a-half octave range (20Hz - 2020Hz); rich 44100 Hz, 16-bit CD-quality audio output; four separate waveforms, giving different sounds; manipulate sounds via touch screen or accelerometer; accelerometer stabilizer button; optional tone/frequency/volume grid overlay; echo and tremolo effects; portamento algorithm built-in for simulating quick "hand jerks" (no discrete "slides"); increase or decrease pitch resolution; user-controlled pitch range; live frequency and volume indicators.

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