Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthew Band


by Tapulous


Publisher's Description

In honor of Dave Matthew Band's [previously] upcoming New Orleans-inspired album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, we here at Tapulous decided to whip up a gumbo of our own. First, we took 8 of Dave Matthews Band's (or DMB, to the fans) biggest hits, including "Crash Into Me," "What Would You Say," and "Everyday." We added in two hot new singles off their upcoming new album ("Shake Me Like A Monkey" and "Funny The Way It Is"). We dropped them one by one into Tap Tap Revenge. Then we set it on a long simmer, stirring in generous amounts of breathtaking brand-new graphics, rock-solid performance, and addictively challenging patterns.

All the flavors have come together, and we're serving up Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthew Band, the spiciest, heartiest, and most filling Tap Tap special-release so far. As they say in New Orleans, "Let the Good Times Tap!"

DMB songs in the game include:

  • Crash Into Me
  • Tripping Billies
  • Everyday
  • Ants Marching
  • American Baby
  • What Would You Say
  • Two Step
  • So Much To Say

and two brand new singles: Shake Me Like A Monkey, and Funny The Way It Is

As with other special editions of Tap Tap Revenge, we took inspiration from the music and visuals of DMB to reinvent the look and feel of Tap Tap Revenge. Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthews Band leads you through the songs on a path completely different from a straight album listening. You will hear undetected melodies and voices, and your fingers will discover some of the band's deepest, most complex beats. Everyday our Tapulous magicians are improving the app, adding features that include news, points, challenges and chat, building stability, creating stunning visuals, and stringing together finger-bending tap combinations. Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthew Band is the product of all this hard work, and the greatest Tap Tap Revenge release so far.

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