Tap Tap Dance


by Tapulous


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Tap Tap Dance is an all new music game for your iPhone or iPod touch, featuring 10 top hits from the biggest electronic artists in the world like Moby, Justice, Daft Punk, Tiësto, and more. Built on the 2.0 engine of Tap Tap Revenge, Tap Tap Dance features familiar rhythm game mechanics, presented in an all new smoother, richer package.

Tap Tap Dance includes a rich new visual experience, complete with beautiful lighting effects and reactionary animations. New gameplay elements including "tap and hold", "multi-tap", and level unlocking take Tap Tap to the next level, utilizing even more of the iPhone and iPod capabilities.

Three of the tracks, "Technologic" by Daft Punk, "Disco Lies" by Moby, and "Phantom Pt II" by Justice, come with their own exclusive themes, offering an interactive music video-like experience. The game includes an EXCLUSIVE track by Soul Magic Orchestro, and an EXCLUSIVE remix by Morgan Page of Sunny's Levine's Daylight.


The music:

  • Justice: Phantom Pt.II (Soulwax Remix)
  • Moby: Disco Lies (The Dusty Kids Fears Remix)
  • Sunny Levine: Daylight (Morgan Page Remix)
  • Daft Punk: Technologic
  • Digitalism: Zdarlight
  • Junkie XL: Stratosphere
  • The Chemical Brothers: Midnight Madness
  • Tiësto: Goldrush
  • Soul Magic Orchestra: Compressor (Exclusive)
  • Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At


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