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Talkboxx FX is a karaoke app that lets you sing along to all your favorite songs, using studio quality vocal effects to automatically pitch correct your voice to the right notes. Ever listen to 'Love Lockdown' by Kanye West and feel like singing along? It's tough when Kanye has that great effect backing him up. Well with the new Talkboxx FX you have it too. You can sing along to Kanye West, Jay Sean, Lady Gaga, and many more, sounding just like them with FX's new faster, clearer Pitch-tuner. Just plug in your mic-equipped headphones, choose a song and start singing. Your voice will always be in the right key and you'll sound just like the pros. You also have the option of using any TalkboxxVX features as well. Want to sing 'California Love' by Dr. Dre? Wonder what it would sound like if you could sing in that funky, warped voice in the hook? Flip the pitch tuner and it becomes a vocoder. And if you have the iPhone 3GS or higher you can even use both effects at the same time. The pitch tuner can be used as a lead vocal and the vocoder can be used to create the harmonies turning you into a one-person band. You can download songs from our ever-growing library of hit records or you can now choose songs from your iPod library to sing along to. Once you finish recording your songs you can email them to yourself or your friends and you can even upload your recordings to your Facebook page and share them with the world.

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