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[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] The premiere ID3 tag editor for your MP3 collection on your Android powered device. Tag will scan your device external memory for all available MP3's and list them; from there you can filter by Album and Artist for easy ID3 tag editing. Batch editing is enabled for ID3 tags and Album Art, making the editing of whole albums much easier. Tag is web enabled, with its built-in ID3 Tag/Album Art search capability you can search and correct all of your MP3's ID3 tags easily. All ID3 information/Album Art is saved to the MP3 file and the native Android Music player will reflect any changes. Also, you can play the MP3 directly from Tag, just press-long click the file listing and select Play from the context menu. So get your Android powered device unorganized collection of MP3's in order with Tag. -web service search ID3/Album Art -easy grab Album Art from gallery -saves Album Art to custom "albumart" folder on SD card -keyboard search filter in media browser -fast scroll in media browser -batch ID3/Album Art editing -filtering by Album/Artist -ID3 changes reflected in Music Player -play MP3's within application (press-long click on song listing) -easy batch MP3 selection (press-long click on Album/Artist folder) -custom GFX/UI -move application to SD card -localized Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French & Spanish languages

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