Syncness Wifi Sync Music/Files


by Clay World


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Sync your music, videos, photos, pdfs, and files over Wireless. Cut the cable. Your smart phone just got smarter with Syncness and auto sync. When you arrive home or at work your phone can automatically synchronize your files (music, photos / photo, PDFs, movies and more) with your computer (PC) over WIFI / Wireless to a Windows file share (SMB, NAS, Samba). Tell Syncness what wireless network to synchronize with and when your phone detects that WIFI network is present it can automatically start the sync process. Or set the schedule to execute once a day (daily), all day long, or only between particular hours of the day. ... Features include: - Sync with multiple shares on your home or work network - Sync with mutilple Dropbox accounts - Two way file deletions - Wireless Share Scanner to assist with finding your computer - In app help tips for setting up a share on your pc - Support guest authentication or be more secure by providing a username and password - In app demonstration videos to make configuration a snap - Share, SD Card and Dropbox directory browser - Need help? Contact support with ease directly in the application

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