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Street Teaming is helping to promote a band or event by passing out informational flyers, putting up posters, or utilizing the Internet to spread information about artists, bands, or festivals. With, you can become a part of the music you love, and earn your tickets to shows along the way. What do I do to get involved? It's simple. You select an event to follow. Choose to start with the one you are most interested in promoting. Once you are signed up, you will be able to access all of the possible ways to earn points in your area. As you complete your promotions, you will be able to upload your photos and descriptions of your work right to your own personal profile. awards points for all work completed, and you can turn them in for Rewards in our Online Store. How do Points Work? Each and every promotional action has a set point value. The point value is the maximum amount of points a street teamer can receive for completing the promotional action. By following the directions for each action, you can earn top points for each action you complete! Your points are automatically calculated for you, and you can see your position on the LeaderBoard at any time. You decide what actions you want to complete, and what Rewards you want to purchase. What Kind of Promotional Activities are There? You can flyer a show or a bar, poster an area in your town, post messages on message boards, post to your Facebook status, and more! Completing each action gets you points, and your points are yours to use any time you want. How Do I get Rewards? Rewards are as easy as cashing in your points! You can purchase festival tickets, concert tickets, official merchandise, and anything else that is added to the Online Store. New items are added in each week! In addition to purchasing items in the Online Store, you can earn a ticket to a concert or festival by earning one as a top contender on that concert or event's LeaderBoard. There will ALWAYS be ways to earn points and get free shows - and you are helping the music you love succeed along the way.

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