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Custom built for the entertainment industry, the StageBloc platform provides a focused, flexible way to manage yourself online from a centralized interface. With comprehensive content mangement, integrated fansite, social integrations, and a variety of other tools and features catered and organized specifically for entertainers, the StageBloc platform helps you manage your internet presence more efficiently and effectively. Think Tumblr for the entertainment industry, but with more features and focus, powered by the custom StageBloc platform. Signup now and get your own free, hosted StageBloc Site up and running in minutes. Gain complete control over your brand image with a custom website designed and developed just for you, powered by StageBloc's exclusive industry focused platform. Hire StageBloc Special Services or roll your own. Our API and freely available, open-source Front-end Framework provide flexibility and freedom in the design, development, and deployment of your custom site. StageBloc For iPhone: Easily manage your StageBloc account and website from your iPhone. Quickly create new content and share it across all your integrated social profiles. Super User access to all your associated accounts and websites.

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