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"Spotify Control lets you control the real Spotify UI on your computer. Now supports BOTH Windows and Linux. If upgrading, PLEASE upgrade the server software as well! Spotify Controller lets you control the official Spotify user interface. No other app can do this for Linux computers. PLEASE contact us by mail before submitting low ratings or negative comments. Requirements: * The official Spotify client must be installed on your computer. Please make sure that you can start Spotify and play music with it, prior to using SpotifyController. * Linux or Windows. For Linux you must use the the Linux version of Spotify (not the one running under Wine). We have tested SpotifyController on Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10. If you get it to work on other versions/platform please inform us so we can update this information. * To be able to populate app with playlists/songs you must have the official Spotify app installed on your device. Features: * Start/stop song. * Skip to next/previous song. * Use the official Spotify app to populate your own favorite list of playlists and songs. * Control the volume (using the volume buttons on the device). * Configure multiple servers, e.g. if you want to control more than one computer. * Shortcut in notification bar for easy access. Can be disabled in settings. * Change color theme * Show album art (can be disabled) * Animations (can be disabled)"

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