Speedy Spectrum Analyzer


by Unknown Publisher


Publisher's Description

New version. Professional-grade FFT / Spectrum Analyzer, tested and in use all around the world by live sound engineers, scientists, mechanics, and hobbyists! ... Features include: * Both Logarithmic & Linear frequency axis * Smooth, joyful pinch-to-zoom! Pinch to zoom in on ANY signal section... and zoom... and zoom... * Pan (vertical and horizontal) by simply dragging the screen * Dynamically adjusting FFT size, up to 16384 bins (for 2-3 Hz accuracy!), based on the optimal size for your screen. * Exponential averaging (adjustable) * Peak hold * Share screen snapshots easily * Range set - full audio range from 20Hz, up to 22kHz! * Peak & valley measurements with crossbar tools * Adjustable dB levels for ceiling / floor * And many more! Designed & tested to work on Honeycomb, Gingerbread, and Froyo.

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