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***In case you haven't heard, Shaquille O'Neal aka Shaq aka The Big Aristotle aka The Diesel aka Superman aka... you get it, held a competition at SXSW 2013! He picked two companies out of the entire show as winners of the "Pitch Shaq" competition... and Speakerfy was one of them! We will be meeting with him and his team to talk about how to make Speakerfy even better so it will definitely be your favorite app on your phone. 

So download our app today and see why Shaq loved Speakerfy so much!***

**INTRODUCING: SPEAKERFY!** This very first version of Speakerfy plays synced music across all of your iOS devices, and it will only get better as future versions of Speakerfy will allow you to play music AND videos across iOS and many other platforms... all in sync!

Speakerfy uses Intel®’s Common Connectivity Framework to showcase its proximity technology, which creates a whole new way to ‘socialize sound’ anytime, anywhere between any mobile device including notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

Be the first one of your friends to start "Speakerfying" your music and we promise we won't disappoint as we add many more killer features in the near future. Plus, we always love hearing your feedback so please contact us if you have any ideas on the limitless capabilities of Speakerfy.


Just make sure you're on the same WiFi network as your friends, and Speakerfy any song on your device! Don't have a WiFi network around you? Just enable your Personal Hotspot on your Smartphone or Tablet and become the hit of the party! Keep in mind, you don't need ANY cloud access for Speakerfy to work, it's all done via proximity!


If you're all on the same WiFi network and it's still not working, it's probably because some WiFi networks have advanced Security Settings that don't allow data streaming. You either have to change those settings or join a different network.

Note: iCloud music currently not supported because the song must be on the actual device.

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