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SpaceSampler is a smart audio convolution application that lets you record, apply filters from real acoustic spaces and equipment, and then share with anyone.



Record, paste or import audio, select between filters, EQ, set the mix, and then share. The high quality filters, or Impulse Responses (IRs), are captured from real gear and acoustic spaces, creating realistic, unusual or far-out effects for any type of audio source.

- Effects are modeled from actual rooms, spaces and gear

- 3 Band Parametric EQ & variable High and Low Pass filters

- Integrated sampler with resume recording and looping

- Live monitoring for low-latency, real-time effects

- Recording browser for easy file management

- Copy & Paste audio in and out via Sonoma Wireworks MAPI

- Share via e-mail, iTunes File Sharing, Dropbox & SoundCloud

- Choose between .wav and .mp4 for file encoding

- Big mix knob blends between effected and dry signals

- Re-load recordings for mulit-layered effects

- Fast convolution algorithm

- Simple, intuitive interface



Start with this core set, then combine and set your mix for an infinite variety of tonal colors.

- Tape Echo: A classic old-school tape echo with a touch of spring reverb

- Glitchy: Unique delay pattern blips add a circuit-bent type sound

- Studio Vox: Smooth UK mic pre, EQ and a nice studio vocal booth

- Slap Back: Classic ’50′s Rock-A-Billy slap back echo

- Dream Plate: The venerable 60′s plate reverb

- Great Hall: Long and spacious hall reverb

- Smooth Spring: The classic guitar-amp reverb

- Pop Doubler: A rich doubled sound, perfect for pop vocals

- Warm Room: A medium length, woody sounding, warm room reverb

- Inverse: A strange reversed room effect

- Studio One: Get down with this fun dub delay

- AM Radio: Emulation of a vintage, band-limited AM Radio

- Stadium: Announce your favorite game, or take the stage with this big delay

- Electro: Disguise your voice with this robotic, vocoder type filter

- Slow Wave: A classic 1980′s chamber with a hint of delay


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