Space Cannon 3D


by Brian Stoner


Publisher's Description


The goal of the game is to shoot as many of the flying space particles as you can before the song is over. Moving the mouse aims the cannon and clicking will fire a shot.

This game was built to see how mashing together some newer web technologies, frameworks and API's can be used to create new kinds of interactive experiences natively in the web browser.

Most of the gameplay is driven by meta data from the song retrieved using the Echonest API:

  1. The horizontal rows in the blue terrain at the bottom will move higher or lower with the loudness of the song. The horizon of the terrain representing the current place in the song.
  2. Spikes in the terrain will occur within each row at different places along the x-axis depending on the current pitch of the song (from C on the left, to B on the right).
  3. The space particles are released in line with the beats of the song. Initially they're only released at the start of every other measure, then on the 1's of each measure, and then eventually on the 1's and 3's of each measure. The analysis from echonest came back saying the song was in 4/4 time, but I think the song is really in 6/8 time at a faster tempo. I stuck with the echonest analysis using 4/4 time because it still fits well, and a faster tempo would have probably made things hectic.
  4. The background changes color slightly with each major segment change of the song as identified by echonest. I had to massage these a little cause echonest missed a few, but still provided a good starting point.


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