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Note: While SoundZen will work on all devices, we recommend you use a 4th generation device for the best experience. SoundZen is a new concept for music. It allows you to generate constantly evolving and changing music with no effort at all. SoundZen uses a form of cellular logic to determine how your song evolves over time. It follows 2 simple principles: When an arrow touches the edge of the grid, play a note. If arrows collide they must turn 90 degrees for each arrow they collide with You set up the app by touching any of the positions on the grid, touch it again to change direction and press play. Using the principles above, SoundZen will take you on a zen-like journey based on the input you gave. Sit back, relax and watch as your song changes right in front of you. You can also save/load your songs and we have some more features coming very soon including more instruments and different skins. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions please tweet us at

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