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Bono predicted it, we built it and Steve Wozniak endorsed it. Introducing Soundwave. 

“Soundwave is a music product that fits my life so perfectly” - Steve Wozniak, Apple Founder.

With Soundwave, you can instantly and easily share what you are listening to on your phone and see what your friends, family and favorites (musicians, athletes, celebs) are listening to on theirs. Inspire yourself by plugging into your music world to see what’s playing. Soundwave finally takes the mystery out of music discovery. 

Draw a circle with your finger over any area of interest on the Soundwave music map (country, city, street, building) and instantly see the top played and most recently played songs there. 

Bono, U2 - “In a time soon coming, we will actually get to understand what people are listening to as opposed to buying. Wouldn’t you love to actually be able to find out what people are actually listening to. That’s going to change the game for everybody.” 

That time is now. Download Soundwave today – it’s 100% free, and slightly addictive! 


» Soundwave instantly tracks your plays as you play them. It automatically picks up the songs you play on your regular player and on streaming services. Your normal listening routine is not disrupted in any way. 

» The beautifully crafted activity feed acts as a window into your music world. Instantly see the songs that the people you are following are playing as they play them. Filter the feed to see the songs they like, dislike and share too. 

» Click into songs you discover on Soundwave and view the YouTube video, instantly listen to that song on SoundCloud or purchase using your iTunes account.


More Features: 

» Instantly capture what songs you are listening to and post them to your profile 

» Songs do not need to be manually tagged or pushed 

» You can also instantly track what songs you listen to on Spotify and Rdio

» Easily modify your sharing, location and privacy settings 

» Follow your friends and other profiles to discover new music 

» Set your current favorite song as your “Humdinger” to show it off to the world 

» Explore top liked, disliked and played charts 

» Use filters to make your feed as noisy or quiet as you would like 

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