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We couldn't go a day without Sonos at our office, which keeps collaborative playlists going all day long with tracks added from any linked computer. This Android widget allows Sonos users to quickly view the current track and control volume and playback on Sonos systems wirelessly straight from your phone.

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Widget for your Sonos system. Sonos Widget is a widget for your Sonos system. Features • Display current artist and track • Play, Pause, Next , Previous • Volume control ------ How to use ------ To be able to control your Sonos device, you have to enter the URL (IP Adress) for it. This can be found under 'Settings - About My Sonos System' in your Sonos Controller (Android, Iphone / Ipad , PC). The IP adress should be entered as example: To switch between playback control and volume control, tap the Artist/Track label. Consequently to revert back, tap the label again. To change the IP-Adress, tap the cogwheel next to the volume control to open up the settings. If you loose contact with the device (WiFi-connection temporary lost) and the widget fails to reconnect ("Unable to connect" but WiFi is enabled) re-selecting the IP-Adress will force a re-sync with the device.

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