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The innovative music platform for young talent where fans make the difference!

We believe in music. We believe in the power of technology. And we believe in you as a fan. That's why we put you and your artist at the center of our innovative music ecosystem.

With your help we can create new opportunities for new talent.

We add your support - financial and otherwise - to the best of existing music practices and leading digital technology to give your favorite artists the chance they deserve!

Phase 1 - Discover New Talent

SonicAngel uses a unique mix to spot the finest talents. Of course we use "traditional talent selections, and you'll find us at local talent contests to scout.

But that's just the beginning. To this we add the Digital Universe. Today's creatives are out there, using social media like YouTube, Twitter, LastFM, MySpace and Facebook to promote themselves and to connect to their audiences.

SonicAngel understands this evolution and created a unique talent detection platform - in addition to several partnerships - that tracks who and how often fans are listening, viewing and recommending you.

Phase 2 - Fund & Support

The current model of the music industry doesn't really work that well anymore. Revenues generated by cd sales are diminishing while the alternative income stream is only partly compensating the loss in income.

In traditional models, fans only appear at the end of the value chain. At SonicAngel, we take a different approach. We welcome fans as true shareholders of our artists' ventures and give them the place they deserve: at the center of the music ecosystem. That's why SonicAngel uses a combination of fanfunding, project financing and corporate financing.

Phase 3 - Produce the music

SonicAngel has created a worldwide 'Circle of Producers' network, focusing on pop/rock and dance.

Known artists, producers and mixers will be involved to give the production the optimal support to create international success. Fans can get involved by contributing their own audio mixes or videos.

Phase 4 - Distribute, communicate & market

In the age of declining CD sales, SonicAngel develops an individualized plan for each artist, a plan that allows the business model to grow and strengthen its sustainability.

Of course, revenue from CD sales remains an important element in that plan, yet our scope is much broader. The model we use includes generating revenue from live performance, from offering mobile content. Add publishing and merchandising (as well with physical as digital goods) to this and a new market horizon becomes clear.


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