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Use Songnote™ to tell a friend when a song reminds you of them. Use it to share your new favorite song, flirt with a crush, say happy birthday and most important, use it to have fun. It's perfect way to send a fun and personal Valentine's Day musical message!

**In a world of text messages, Facebook messages, tweets, emails, e-cards, Facetime and LinkedIn, do we really need another way to give someone a shout-out? Yes! But only if it’s as cool as the Songnote™ app.**

**Songnote: You hear Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” and it reminds you of a camping trip you took with your friends. This app will let you send them the song along with a little note.** - Gizmodo

**If you love sharing music then you’re going to be overjoyed with Songnote.** -App Store Arcade

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