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SongDasher is a streamlined song crafting tool with six tracks of audio, programmable drum beats, and flexible section-by-section composition. With a simple, but powerful, set of features, SongDasher makes it quick and easy to turn your musical ideas into songs you can share or save, using your iPhone or iPad.

Because when inspiration strikes, you don't want to spend your creative energy dialing in recording settings and chaining effects together... you want to capture that spark before it's gone! Instead of cluttering your workflow with dozens (or, alas, hundreds) of options and parameters, SongDasher provides you with just the right tools for your song crafting needs. You can simply plug your headphones into your iPhone or iPad, ready your instruments or voice, and keep your focus on creating your song.

You can record straight-through or section-by-section. You can add, move, and remove sections to develop your song. You can change around the drum beat to fit what you've recorded, and re-record parts until the song comes together.

And once you're happy with your new song, it's a simple matter to mixdown and share with your friends and bandmates. SongDasher can post your finished song to SoundCloud®, Dropbox, Box, or Email, and share links via Twitter and Facebook as well.

Let SongDasher help you create some great songs!

Free before February 15, 2013.

What SongDasher Is:

• SongDasher is a song crafting tool.

• SongDasher is a multi-track audio recorder with programmable drum beats.

• SongDasher makes it easy to share your finished songs with friends and bandmates, or simply add to your own stockpile of songs.

What SongDasher Is Not:

• SongDasher is not a digital audio waveform editor.

• SongDasher is not a digital audio effects application.

• SongDasher does not provide built-in sounds apart from the five-sound drum beat programming.

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