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Song Seeker is an automatic playlist creator. Based on the artists that you like (and other configurations like Mood, Tempo, etc.), it creates a playlist with songs that it believes that you will enjoy. To hear it, you can export the playlist to other streaming services, like Grooveshark, YouTube, Rdio and Dood's Music Streamer. Some of the features are:


* Create a personalized playlist: With a single click, you will receive an automatic playlist with songs that matches your taste!

* Play the songs of your playlist: Play FULL length songs of your playlist on Dood's Music Streamer (DMS)! To use it, be sure that the DMS version 1.2.9 or greater is installed and that the option 'Settings > Share Requests' is turned on at DMS.

* Build a musical taste profile: Add artists to your taste profile or import them from or from your device top artists!

* Export your playlist: Export the playlist created to YouTube, Grooveshark, Rdio or!

* Configure your playlist: We provide several options to personalize your playlist, like Mood, Tempo and Danceability! You can also filter to songs from artists that you know or similar ones!

* And much more! Get information from an artist, songs in an album, watch songs on YouTube, buy them at 7digital, see the biography and news of an artist...

-> What this app IS NOT:

* A music downloader: Nothing legally questionable here.

* A music player: Never was my intention doing one, but it links to other services that can (and have the rights to) stream music, like Grooveshark and Rdio.


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