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Snaplay instantly links posters, advertisements and artwork to related online music and video using clever image recognition and search technology.


From ads to album covers, logos to flyposters, play relevant content without the need to type into a search, and easily share what's inspired you. See, Snap, Play!


Perhaps you're on the bus and you see a film poster that looks interesting- just grab a snap of the image and Snaplay will find the trailer on YouTube.


Or if you're at a record store flicking through some old LPs, just snap a cover and listen to the album while you make up your mind.


It even saves all your snaps and plays so you can revisit them later.



With Snaplay you can:


• Find and play relevant content instantly- without a text search or using a QR code/ NFC

• Keep your 5 most recent Snaps and Plays, or purchase the full version for unlimited

• Share Snaps and Plays with friends





• Searches YouTube for video

• Searches Spotify for music (premium account required)

• Even searches your own music collection!

..more options coming soon

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