Sketch Synth FX


by Shape of Sound Limited


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New music app already being called Awesome by Apps4idevices. Introductory price at $3 until MIDI support arrives. Software is tested on iPad 2/3, and iPhone 4S; we have reports of problems on iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPhone 4 (please do not buy on iPod or iPhone yet).


Sketch Synth FX lets you draw effects onto your sounds, layer by layer using it's XY pads. Simply work from the sample input at the left, through the effects channels and to the output at the right. 


*** This first version has a bug where screen resolution is not set correctly for the iPod 4 Touch, I am currently pulling a late nighter to ensure you have a fix in version 1.0.1, for now please wait until version 1.0.1 to buy on the iPod ***


You can record and export using Audio Copy & Paste or iTunes File Sharing. The effects you can apply include: delay, distortion, low/high pass filter, pitch, chorus. The effects can come on pretty strong and so you have a bypass control that really helps smooth chaotic effects into nicer evolving sounds.


This version comes with 3 themes / sample packs, including one sample pack from DJ Vadim.


Future updates could include additional distortion effects like Bit Crusher or perhaps MIDI, let me know how you want the product to develop for you and I can look into it.


Existing Sketch Synth 3D and Sketch Sound 3D users may wish to wait a few weeks for the latest updates to their existing software before purchasing Sketch Synth FX. My current plan is to offer a themed version of this with different samples as a bonus inside Sketch Synth / Sketch Sound 3D.


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