Sing Perfect Studio


by Synchro Arts Ltd


Publisher's Description

Sing Perfect Studio is unlike any other voice processing application available. It makes your and your friend's singing sound professional and perfect – no matter how well you sing. The amazing “Perfect Tune” processing corrects the timing, melody, vibrato and loudness of each of your recordings to sound as good as the original singer. As a final touch, it also adds the right recording studio effects. Plus you and your friends can easily build up mixes that sound like records- with solos, duets, double tracks and more. Like challenges? Sing Perfect Studio also scores the accuracy of each recording and displays the total scores for each Mix and each singer. So you can keep improving. * This Version comes with one Free song. * More Songs can be purchased within the application from a library of hits made famous by great stars including: Madonna, Elton John, KT Tunstall, Vanessa Carlton, Robbie Williams, Cyndi Lauper, Amy Winehouse, Queen and many others. Main Feature Summary * Perfect Tune processing corrects the melody, vibrato, timing, and loudness of the user's recordings to sound as great as the original singer * Create Mixes with Multiple Singers * Start and stop recording anywhere in song * Get scores for your accuracy in each take and for the whole Mix * Create Mixes with solos, duets and double tracks * Variable speed playback control More Information Each Mix you create contains the backing music plus 2 Vocal Tracks into which you save your recorded Takes, so you can play back 2 voices at the same time. Each vocal Track can hold long or short Takes, recorded by any singer. More Studio Fun When you play your Mix back, you can use the Vocal Mixer to turn the Perfect Tune processing on or off for each track - to hear how you really sound. Or you can adjust the loudness of the vocals from each Track and move where it appears in your headphones between left and right ears. Another special feature is the variable-speed playback control. You can hear your mix at a slow crawl or push it gradually up to a super-fast speed, “chipmunk” style. Challenges If you like to challenge yourself or your friends, try and improve the accuracy score you get on each recording, which is shown as a the percentage of how much of the melody you sang correctly. The better each singer scores on each Take, the higher the Total Mix score will go.

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This app utilizes in-app purchases of songs.

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