Simple Music Player Pro


by Impulse Apps


Publisher's Description

Gives you easy access to your music all within one screen. No more navigating in and out of many different windows. If you are annoyed at how complex the Android Music Player is, and you don't want all its different views, features and options, then Simple Music Player is for you. Just one view lists your albums, details of the current track playing and just simple controls. You can tap to change album, or long-press to see all tracks on an album. You have simple play/pause, next and previous track buttons. The layout is customisable, you can adjust which information is displayed in portrait and landscape modes to create your perfect player. Single-button headset control is supported with click for play/pause, double-click for next track. Headsets with multiple buttons are not fully supported, but should still work as above with one button only. No import needed. There is a 14 day free trial available as a separate listing, tap "View More Apps" below to find it.

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