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Publisher's Description is a radiozine compiled by tastemakers on thousands of music blogs, sites and magazines. Channel surf through the music web, the web is your player and bloggers are your DJs.

======== is your music discovery guide powered by some of the leading voices in music culture. If you can’t be bothered to trawl through the thousands of tastemaker music blogs and sites in search of the latest trends, then does it for you, compiling the web’s hottest, latest and most relevant tracks and videos in magazine form.


Features include:

★ Browse and play by genre.

Hear the latest, hottest music from your favorite genre. Browse and discover new artists from the genres you love, and listen to that music in one continuous stream.

★ Browse and play by what’s popular on the music web.

See what’s trending in the music blogosphere and online. Get the latest and hottest music news, in real-time, coming from the leading voices and brands in music culture. Never miss a beat, just press play.

★ Browse and play the leading voices in music. 

Like what you hear on a blog, site and mag? You can play them in one continuous mix, or subscribe to your favorite tastemaker site and receive updates every time they post something new.

★ Personal radiozine

Subscribe to your favorite tastemakers or artist straight from the player and build your own personal magazine. Want to know the latest news from your favorite new artist, hit the subscribe button.


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