Set List Creator Premium


by Consinity Mobile


Publisher's Description

For gigging musicians, Set List Creator Premium allows you to easily organize your repertoire of songs and build set lists in minutes, with no ads.

Simply list the albums in which your songs appear, or any other categories--"Covers" and "Originals", for example. Add songs to those albums including time lengths (or use the built-in stopwatch function to time them). Add any extra notes (such as tuning, key, tempo, etc.). Then click on the song in the main view to add it to your set list. Go to the Set List view to see your set list, including total set time, and share your set list via facebook or email.

For the next show, your songs are all still recorded in the app; simply clear the songs in the current set list and create a new set list in minutes with the songs still saved in your albums.

Need to share your set list with the rest of the band? Simply press the email button and send it to whoever you like.

*Facebook functionality is having some issues, look for an update soon.

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Free ad-supported version coming soon

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