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SAS-5A ver3 for iPad is an application that simulates an analog synthesizer.

Past, you feel closer to the analog synthesizer sounds and thousands of dollars can be experienced.

Note :

- During the update, the sound data that is old is ready to set the delay very deep. Please follow the instructions on page 2-3, press the MANUAL switch. To reduce or delay the setting, please re-record in the UPDATE switch.

- This app is because it uses a lot of CPU power, which will stop all other applications. Please be careful.

- iOS5 If you have updates, please set as follows. Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures : OFF. If ON, the keyboard can not operate properly. 


-Polyphonic ( iPad : 4-5 voice / iPad2 : 4-6 voice )

-Totally Programmable with Storage for 32 Programs x 3 Banks

-Four Octave Keyboard

-Two Oscillator per Voice

-Two ADSR Envelope Generator per Voice

-24dB/octave Low Pass Filter

-Noise Generator / Sample and Hold

-Auto Arpeggio

-Digital Delay

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