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-Choose from three different sampling modes: classic, granular, and modern.
-Classic - the traditional method of sampling where the sound will speed up and slow down as you go higher or lower than the recorded pitch.
-Granular - Wizdom Music's own take on a granular synthesis engine. Adjust grain size and speed while the entire range of notes maintain the same speed.
-Modern - explore new sampling possibilities using Dirac technology to allow formants and time to be adjusted automatically over a device-selected range.
-Up to 10 seconds per sample.
-Jordan Rudess presets from his private collection.
-Resample anything that you play on the playing surface to create all new samples derived from your existing presets!
-Three playing surface modes allow you to play on the keyboard, wave-edit screen, and the ADSR window.
-Wizdom Music's Advanced Pitch Rounding for initial attack as well as after a slide.
-Every note you play is an independent event allowing powerful, expressive control of pitch and amplitude.
-Finger vibrato effect allows you to use vibrato even when pitch lock is activated!
-Unique visuals for each sampling mode. A glow tracks your fingers and respond to the amount of amplitude of every note you play.
-Choose from many different scales and customize your own.
-Play your samples forward or reverse!
-Looping options include standard looping as well as back-and-forth looping.
-Allows trimming of samples.
-Unique visualization of the amplitude envelope on the ADSR page.
-FX include delay with a choice of tap-tempo, BPM, and seconds control over the rate.
-Have two keyboards on the screen, each with its own range and scale!
-Unique hold mode where every held note can be in a different synthesis mode!
-Share your presets with friends by mailing them as SampleWiz files or standard audio files.
-Play directly on the waveform and hear the audio that is right under your finger. Slide each finger separately in any direction to change pitch and position in the sample.
-MAPI AudioCopy/AudioPaste allows sharing of audio with top audio apps.
-Load your own audio files with iTunes file sharing.
-Onboard help screens explain every parameter. Touch the question mark to activate.

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