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After Guitar Hero appeared on the scene in 2005, it caused a resurgence in the playing of actual (non-plastic) guitars, if for no other reason than that more people were thinking about the guitar.

Until earlier this year, the idea of playing a Guitar Hero-style game with a real guitar was basically vaporware. But we've been reminded that "Guitar Hero for real guitars" actually exists, in the form of Rock Prodigy -- a guitar-learning app for iOS billed by its creators as "the funnest way to learn guitar."

As the host of SF Music Tech's "New Products, Technologies & Demos" panel last week, I judged two hours' worth of demos from the stage. While presenters showed off lots of neat stuff, Rock Prodigy was the most impressive of the lot, although it wasn't entirely "new." The first version came out way back in January.

After a few updates in the intervening months, the Rock Prodigy app performed admirably during that on-stage demo by its developer (and accomplished guitarist) Harold Lee, and it has worked just as well in our testing today, with in-depth tutorials, a tuning fork, and a numbered-fret notation system that makes sense to guitarists.

The app actually understands what you're playing, whether you plug your guitar in to your iOS device or rely on its microphone. If you miss a note, it can wait for you to catch up; you can slow the song down to learn it; or, if you're really stymied, you can loop a section until you get it right.

Yes, Rock Prodigy is "for real," and it only costs a dollar. (Songs are available as in-app purchases for $1 and up.) Assuming kids still want to learn to play guitar these days, this app is up to the challenge, much to the chagrin of neighborhood guitar teachers.

(See YouTube tutorials.) review by Eliot Van Buskirk

Publisher's Description


Rock Prodigy is your mobile instructor that works with any real guitar. 

Use it to learn guitar and songs faster than ever. Follow the Rock Prodigy lesson plan to take you from beginner to pro.

Rock Prodigy listens to your guitar, shows you what to play, and gives you points for hitting the right notes: 

• Use any real guitar 

• Learn real skills 

• Learn single notes and chords 

• Learn advanced techniques such as bends, slides, and alternate tunings 

Here's why it works and why Rock Prodigy is unique: 

• HEAR the original master tracks from famous artists 

• SEE how to produce the sound the you are hearing

• LEARN in real-time with instantaneous results 

It's like having an instructor listen to you and give you "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" with every note played.

Getting started with Rock Prodigy:

• Use a real guitar: acoustic or electric 

• Connect your Electric to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G or later) with an adapter --OR-- Use an Acoustic and sit close to the device

• Tune your guitar (Rock Prodigy includes a built-in tuner)

Awesome app goodness to accelerate your learning:

• Slow-down speed without changing pitch 

• Looping – Allows you to automatically repeat a portion of a song or lesson for practice 

• Line-in can be enabled so you can hear your own guitar in the mix 

• Included Lesson 1: How to use Rock Prodigy 

• Included Lesson 2: Play Your First Tune 

• Included demo song "The Road" 

• Create a free account to download other lessons and demo songs from the Rock Prodigy online store 

• Choose and purchase the songs and lessons that you want 

• Chromatic Tuner with Alternative Tunings 

• Touch-screen time bar – Easily navigate to the exact minute and second of a song or lesson 

• Fast-forward and Rewind – Just swipe your finger across the screen to navigate to a specific section 

• Auto-pause – Automatically pauses play until the correct note is detected 

• Auto-play – Automatically hits every note so you always hear the guitar track 

• Adjustable Guitar and Backing Track Volume – Mixer allows you to adjust the volume levels of each track 

• Advanced Polyphonic Pitch Detection – get scored on single notes and chords – Yes, it’s a mouthful but this is technology behind the scenes that lets you use ANY guitar 

• Authentic Master Recordings - That’s right, the original master recordings so you know exactly how you are supposed to sound. Be inspired! 

• Immediate Performance Feedback – This is where the magic happens. Just play and Rock Prodigy listens to the notes and chords you play and tells you immediately how well you’re doing. 

• 4 Levels of Difficulty For Each Song – Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there’s a way to jump in and start learning how to play songs immediately. 

• Save Scores – Want to see how you are progressing? Where you need to sharpen your skills? It’s easy. Just save your scores and check out your progress on-line at 

• Share with Facebook and Twitter – Just learned to shred your first solo? Tell your friends about it now and drop the gauntlet! 

• and much more...

Choose only the songs and lessons you want. No need to pay $50 or $60 for a CD or DVD full of non-original standards.

You learn what you want, when you want, wherever you want.


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