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... • Extreme precision: trim your songs with 0.1 second accuracy to create perfect ringtones • Customize ringtone duration from 6 to 40 seconds • Customize ringtone volume from 50% to 200% Boost the volume of songs to make sure you will hear your phone ringing in any environment • Works on ANY iPhone with iOS4.1 or newer • Also works on the iPad 2 and fourth-generation iPod touch. Create ringtones for FaceTime • Assign custom ringtones for everyone in your contact list • Use custom ringtones as alarm sounds in the clock app • Use the built-in player to quickly inspect any part of your song for the best clips, without changing your current Start/Length parameters. • Drag and drop the current player time value into Start/End or use the sliders for quick editing. • Fine Control buttons (+/-) let you tune your ringtone start and length in 0.1 second steps. Hold them for quick changes • Optional Fade In/Out to make a professional quality ringtone • Export ringtones via iTunes file sharing or use the built-in email export feature for sending ringtones to your friends • Ringtone installation is quick and easy, and we provide a video tutorial to show you how • Pays for itself with the first ringtone you make Note: You can make ringtones anytime, but you need to sync with iTunes to install ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone, due to restrictions imposed by Apple. But it is very easy and a detailed video tutorial is provided!

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