Ringtone Rotator


by Akalom Inc


Publisher's Description

Ringtone Rotator changes your ringtone automatically so you can hear all your favorite ringtones on a regular basis. The application is highly configurable, meaning you can have your ringtone change randomly whenever you'd like, such as after every phone call, or after every 5 phone calls, or once an hour, or once every day, etc.. It's completely up to you. With Ringtone Rotator you can: Add or Remove entire folders of ringtones. Include or Exclude individual ringtones within folders. Change your ringtone based upon getting phone calls. Change your ringtone based upon time intervals. In addition, Ringtone Rotator allows the following customizations: Removal of the Ringtone Rotation status bar icon. Auto restart the application when your phone is rebooted. Manually turn on and off of rotator service Just start it up and its ready to go. The application will automatically build a ringtone rotation list and then your phone's ringtone will automatically change after each phone call. Of course you can modify the ringtone rotation list to exclude ringtones you don't like or add your own entire folders of custom ringtones.

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