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★★★★★ - users
♫ Play music from your iTunes library, share your favorites to Twitter & Facebook, and see what your friends are listening to in iTunes, Rexly and Pandora - in real time. ♫

"Rexly for iPhone Lets You Share Your Music with Friends in Real-Time" - Lifehacker

"It's like Instagram for my music!" - Bryan F., user


★ Listen to *your* music - play your iTunes library right inside Rexly.
★ Discover new music through your friends - see what they are listening to in iTunes, Rexly and Pandora in real time.
★ Share your music with your friends on Rexly and post your favorites to Twitter and Facebook.
★ Dedicate a song to a friend on Twitter, Facebook or by email.
☆ Buy any song or album you find in Rexly on iTunes - with one touch!
☆ Instantly launch a Pandora station based on any song you discover on Rexly.
☆ Start conversations with friends by commenting on music your friends are listening to.
☆ "SuperTrust" your most musically savvy friends, and they appear more often on Rexly.
☆ Easily find Facebook friends already on Rexly and invite those who aren't.
☆ Simple privacy settings so you can control who you share with:
- everyone on Rexly (be an Influencer!)
- Facebook friends
- or approve each request.


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