by Adam Bell


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Welcome to Reprise.

Reprise is the best way to enjoy your iTunes Music Library. Featuring easy and intuitive controls, playing music has never been this interactive.

Where Reprise really shines, however, is the fact that it implements perfect shuffle. By never repeating a song, ever, until you've gone through your entire library, you're sure to Rediscover songs you haven't heard in a while. It even persists across syncing and restarting of your phone, so you'll never miss an (older) beat.

Also, on the fly queuing puts all the power of a turntable in your pocket! Swipe up from the bottom, add some songs, albums, artists, or even playlists, then swipe down, and those songs will be queued up to play next. Changed your mind? Simply pull up the queue again, and tap them again to remove them from the queue, it's that simple.

Accidentally unplug your headphones? 

No worries! Songs will fade out/in just as you'd expect.

Don't want to shuffle anymore?

Switch back to the iPod, it's dead easy, and seamless! Don't replace your iPod app, expand it. and Twitter have also been added so you can share your shuffled awesomeness with your friends and the world. Scrobbling, Now Playing, whatever you want. Simply login and you're good to go.



- Perfect Shuffle

- Seamless syncing between the iPod app

- Simple, yet effective, on-the-fly queuing

- Beautiful and Eye-Catching Graphics

- Jog Wheel/DJ style scrubbing

- Easy to use swiping/dragging controls 

- Remote Control support

- Shake to Shuffle

- Autoplay

- Airplay

- iOS5 Support

- In App Preferences

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