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Learn to recognize all the intervals of the octave in their ascending, descending and harmonic forms using high quality piano and guitar sounds. A series of lessons and training sessions leads you gradually through learning them, and interactive tests let you track your progress.

You’re not getting everything you could out of music.

That’s unfortunate, because you’ve always loved music. You have albums you’ve listened to a hundred times over, and you play or sing a little yourself. You might even have put in hours of practice to become quite good at your chosen instrument.

The trouble is that you’re not able to do what you always wanted to do, which is understand music as easily as you breathe.

You want to be able to improvise with other musicians, riffing off one another all night long, coming out with newer and more innovative sounds as every hour goes by.

When a friend of yours is singing, you want to be able to join in harmony easily and effortlessly, adding another layer into the song without having to figure out each note.

You’ve often had songs in your head that you badly want to bring out into the real world, but you can’t work out how to play them on your instrument.

Other musicians occasionally listen intently and ask if you heard the subtle little change that the artist just made, just then. You nod, but you can’t hear it. You don’t know what you should be hearing.

Interval training is what opens the door to all of those experiences. And our app, RelativePitch, is the best way to learn interval training, boost your musical talents, and increase your confidence.

How does it work? RelativePitch includes:

  • Training Mode: 14 lessons guide you from beginner to expert, teaching you all the intervals in the octave
  • Testing Mode: Check your progress by trying to get the highest score in testing mode. If you distinguish intervals correctly, you’ll unlock new levels and new challenges in training
  • Custom Mode: If you’re having trouble with one specific piece of training, set up a custom training and testing session to target your problem spots
  • Interval training to teach you to distinguish ascending, descending and harmonic intervals across two and a half octaves
  • Simple interface, fun to use app, and all the interval training you’ll ever need to have an ear that catches the subtle and crucial sounds for a perfect song.


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