Reemote for Airfoil


by Kai Aras


Publisher's Description

Reemote for Airfoil allows you to control your Airfoil installation using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Volume control for each speaker
- Master volume control
- Activate/Deactivate individual speakers
- Airfoil source selection
- Built-in remote 
- Built-in iTunes remote
- Built-in Spotify remote
- Built-in VLC remote
- Built-in Quicktime remote
- Built-in Pulsar remote
- Built-in Pandoras Box remote
- Built-in Rdio remote

- a working Airfoil installation running on a Mac
- Reemote Server running on your Mac (download at
- iTunes (optional)
- App for Mac (optional) 
- Spotiy App for Mac (optional)

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $4.99 None

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