RecordBeater Pro


by Ole Pedersen


Publisher's Description

RecordBeater - Music matching your steps. RecordBeater detects your running rhythm and plays music with a beat matching your steps. Experience the feeling of running "in the zone" - when the beats from the music is matching your cadence. Listed in the Top 3 of smart Android apps by Danish mobile provider, Telenor. Full unlimited edition. With RecordBeater Pro you are getting your own running virtual coach with running programs for getting you started running or running faster and/or longer. All features of the running programs are integrated with the unique music control of RecordBeater. * Run 5K faster. * Run 10K faster. * Run 1/2 marathon faster. * From 0K to 5K. (Aka "C25K" or "Couch to 5K") * From 10K to 1/2 marathon. Features * Automatically synchronize your music to your running steps. * Pace yourself with faster music. * Race against your own records! (ghost run) * Interval training and speed play with fast music. * Running programs for 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon training. (Pro only) * Real time GPS Sports tracker. * Voice feedback. * Check your pace, distance and duration in clear text during workouts. * Free sample music package from Sportunes. * Works without GPS for indoor workout (treadmill, indoor cycling). * History with music play list. * Review your tracks on Google Maps colour highlighted according to your pace. * Share your workout through email, Twitter and Facebook. * Upload to and * Auto detection of your cadence. * Auto beat-per-minute detection of your music. * Auto pause. * Auto start music when your cadence is detected. * Your virtual trainer for running. * Perfect coach for every runner. The purpose of RecordBeater is to motivate you to run faster by running to music matching your steps.

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