Real Toy Drum


by Takumi


Publisher's Description

"Drum application program "Real Toy Drum" with an interesting real sound and comical externals appears. The sound source records the drum sound of live by the wav form of 96kHz of 24bit in the recording studio. And, high sound quality that converts it for the application program. A real sound is a feature in other drum application programs without. It is possible to play while enjoying it by not only the sound but also externals in a peculiar, comical illustration. In this application program in the specification of Android at the time of of 2010, it doesn't perform together with the tune, the tune is made, and because two sound reproduction simultaneously etc. do not correspond, it is suitable for the player such as wanting to announce the transcendence drum technique for remaining in the practice of the performance and the history in this application program. However, it is a suitable application program such as the people who want to enjoy it as a person and little killing time that has not felt after musical instruments and the person who want to boast of the Android application program to a surrounding friend, the lover, and the family for the time being because it can sound a real drum sound by simple touch. The sound is real. After it releases it, I want to satisfy the demand of everybody as much as possible. Please buy it by all means."

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