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by Reactable


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Experience Oliver Huntemann like never before, with the NEW interactive music album App by Reactable.


With the Reactable Artist Edition you can play and remix in real time along with Oliver Huntemann's performance or just listen and enjoy the tracks of one of the best electronic music producer touring today.


This special release converts the top-of the charts recordings of Paranoia into an interactive album. Get access to original samples, transform and combine them, add loops, effects and more, creating unique Oliver-and-you tracks, or simply just watch and listen to the tracks performed on Reactable mobile.


Track list:


• Rikarda

• Delirium

• In Times of Trouble

• Rotten

• Rubin

• Magnet


Based on the same audio and graphics engine as the award winning electronic music instrument Reactable and its mobile version for multi-touch devices, the Reactable Artist Edition: Oliver Huntemann places a complete range of objects at your disposal:


• Generate sound with a set of objects including synthesizer, oscillator, sample player and various loop players.

• Modify generated sounds with a set of effect objects including wave shaper, delay, modulator and filter.

• Modify other objects parameters with a set of controller objects including sequencer and LFO.

• Modify the settings of the entire table with a set of global objects including tempo, volume and tonalizer.

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