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Rara.com is a new music service that makes it easier to enjoy the music you love. rara.com gives you unlimited on-demand access to over 10 million songs on any internet connected computer and Android or iOS mobile or tablet device; you can search and play all your favourite music and the latest releases instantly. With hundreds of great playlists and music channels, hand curated by our team of resident DJ's, rara.com has the music to suit your every mood.


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Purchase PriceMonthly
Web $0.00 $4.99
it costs $4.99/month for the web, or $9.99 for the web and mobile, with a $0.99/month three-month trial for the web or a $1.99 three-month trial for mobile.
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 $9.99
Android $0.00 $9.99
Windows Phone $0.00 None
(Windows 8 version coming 10/26)

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