Pocket Shaker


by Unknown Publisher


Publisher's Description

Turn your iPhone into any percussion instrument you can imagine. Just shake it to make the sound. Features: Shake along with your iPod music; Also tap the screen to play it; 10 percussion instruments; Precise shaking recognition; Realistic sounds; Images of the instruments; Small download size (less than 1MB) If you like PocketGuitar, DrumKit, Pianist, Band or More Cowbell, you will love Shaker. Instructions: Make sure your power button on the iPhone is facing upwards. Shake with your wrist for best results. Play your music then open up iShaker to shake along to it. Make sure that your volume is turned up, and your sound is not muted. If you have an iPod, make sure sound effects are enabled (Settings > General > Sound Effects) Instruments: Cabasa; Castanet; Conga; Cowbell; Guiro; Rattle; Shaker; Tabala; Tambourine; Timbale In Version 2 We Have Added: Bass Drum; High Tom; Low Tom; Snare Drum; Crash Cymbal; Ride Cymbal; High Hat

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