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Now you can carry a piano with you everywhere you go. Pocket Piano has the rich sound and versatility of a real piano. Notes range from C3 to C5 including sharps and flats giving you two full octaves to play your favorite tunes. Hold keys for longer notes or tap for shorter ones. Features: Each note is sampled independently and recorded from real pianos ensuring that every key is in tune, high quality DVD and CD grade audio, and has a realistic piano sound; Pocket Piano supports chords and two handed play. You can play up to five keys simultaneously; Record your performances and layer them for more complicated pieces; You can magnify the keyboard to enlarge keys and allow for easier playing for large fingers or thumbs. Or zoom back out to play in normal mode for a broader range of keys; Double Row Keyboard allows you to see up to 30 keys at once. To access double row, press Small Keys/Large Keys button until Double Row button appears, then press it; Tap to turn on scrolling and simply drag your finger to move the keyboard left or right. Tap again when you are ready to play; Customize your Pocket Piano. Choose from 12 different finishes (skins): traditional black, red, cherry wood, argyle, chrome, and sunflowers to name a few; A metronome allows you to adjust tempo from 40 to 220 BPM; Highest quality 16-Bit sound; Volume control is in your hands, adjust your piano master volume from 1-10. Lower volumes give you better quality when layering notes. High volume is our loudest piano yet. At high volumes, your piano will easily be heard by everyone in the room.

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