Plug Headphones Pro


by Wormskin Applications


Publisher's Description

Plug your headphones - Music player starts automatically. Plug Headphones automatically starts your preferred music app whenever you connect your headphones. It supports any wired headphones you connect to the phone headphones socket, and also supports Bluetooth headsets and headphones. Let's give you an example. You're about to go jogging. Pick up your phone, put on your favorite headphones and plug them to the phone. Bang - Your media player pops up. Start your music. No need to bring up that long list of installed apps, looking for your favorite music player. Plug Headphones takes care of that for you. Another good place to use Plug Headphones is in your car. Just connect your phone to the line-in or AUX socket of your car. Bing - Your music player pops up and you're ready to play your favorite driving tunes. Plug Headphones can be used to start any app, e.g. Spotify, MixZing, RadioTime, PowerAMP, WinAmp or any other music or video player.

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