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Get more out of the music you love with Play by Yahoo! Music app Get more out of the music and artists you love with Play by Yahoo! Music. Play’s library management feature automatically sorts your songs into albums and artists. Its smart shuffle technology scans the songs from your library to create custom playlists based on your moods. And the Play Identifier clues you in on the song that you’re listening to anywhere, anytime. Want the latest scoop on your favorite artist? Just click on artist news to get the latest updates. Download Play now. With so much talent in one small app, you’re sure to be a huge fan. Other great features include: Cover art cleanup: Automatically analyzes your music library, then fills in any missing cover art; Built-in scrobbling to Automatically scrobbles your listens to your profile to track and analyze your listening history; Social sharing: Easily send status updates on Twitter and Facebook when you’re listening to your favorite tunes.

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