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Music brings out something special in all of us, it triggers long forgotten memories and creates new ones that will last a lifetime. Sharing those memories is something that we all love to do, especially with friends, and over 400,000 users agree. Play by AOL is the premier music application of 2011 - it's a free, fun, and simple way to listen to, share and discover new music with friends. Play is an application that lets you share musical moments with friends and discover great new music. Play not only let's you listen to your own music on your device, it also let's you stream SHOUTcast radio, CD Listening Party, MP3 of the day, and more, all for free. Key Features: Listen to your music in a beautiful custom music player; Play music from an extensive collection of free songs and CD's updated regularly; Access to over 47,000 SHOUTcast radio stations; Share your musical experiences with friends and followers; Find and follow friends using the app through Facebook, Twitter, or Searching; Add your own album art to your shares; Share your musical experiences on Facebook and Twitter; Listen to previews of your friends music posts and buy songs you like on iTunes; Comment on and like your friends shares, you can tag friends in comments too. Just @username your friends and they'll get an alert?; Get notifications when a friend follows, likes or leaves you a comment?

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