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Plan-A-Palooza is an all access, all-in-one planing guide for Lollapalooza. It enhances your Lollapalooza experience before, during, and after the festival.


Artist Lookup:
View all artists playing at this years Lollapalooza Music Festival. Check their detailed performance information, picture, description and access the aritst's personal facebook, twitter, youtube, and flickr accounts. You can also add the artist to your personal Plan-a-Palooza schedule.

View all artists added to your personal schedule. You can easily see what time the artist is playing and at what stage to easily navigate your way to your favorite artists during the festival. You can set an alarm 5-15 minutes before any event so you wont miss it!

Interactive Map:
View the intire layout of the festival with the interactive Map. The map also displays which bands are CURRENTLY playing at each stage in realtime. This way you can easily see which bands are playing at which stages at any given time. You can select a stage to view that stages full event schedule. This is very useful for checking what events are coming up at the stage you are currently at or if you want to move to a nearby stage instead.

Incase there is no signal at the Lollapalooza Festival, after the first time loading of information, Plan-A-Palooza does not need network access to operate it's main functions. This will ensure the app is useful during the festival!

I hope Plan-A-Plalooza makes your Lollapalooza experience a great one!

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