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Play piano by ear with Piano Interval Training. Piano App with interval training. Learn to play the piano by ear. Being able to determine the distance between 2 notes is the key skill in playing the piano by ear. The app will play 2 notes. You choose which interval it is and check your answer. You can control the number of possible intervals the app plays, and thus focus on mastering the tricky ones. This is made easy as it associates an interval (e.g. Minor 2nd, Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, etc.) with a well known song. Select Song Clue to use a well known song as a learning aid to identify the intervals by ear. The list of intervals to tunes are: Minor Second Ascending -> Jaws Theme Major Second Ascending -> Silent Night Minor Third Ascending -> Smoke on the Water Major Third Ascending -> When the Saints Go Marching Perfect Fourth Ascending -> Wedding March Diminished Fifth Ascending -> The Simpsons Perfect Fifth Ascending -> Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Minor 6th Ascending -> The Entertainer Major 6th Ascending -> My Way Minor 7th Ascending -> Star Trek Theme Major 7th Ascending -> Aha - Take on Me Perfect Octave Ascending -> Somewhere Over the Rainbow Unison -> Happy Birthday Minor Second Descending -> Fur Elise Major Second Descending -> The First Noel Minor Third Descending -> The Star-Spangled Banner Major Third Descending -> Swing Low Sweet Chariot Perfect Fourth Descending -> A-Team Diminished Fifth Descending -> Rush - YYZ Perfect Fifth Descending -> Swan Lake Minor 6th Descending -> (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story Major 6th Descending -> The Music of the Night Minor 7th Descending -> Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man Major 7th Descending -> Cole Porter - I Love You Perfect Octave Descending -> Final Fantasy - To Zanarkand Authentic digitised grand piano sounds for each separate key on the piano (not just one sound modified by MIDI). No advertising. * Summer sale price *

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