Perform a Track


by iKlax Media


Publisher's Description

PerformaTrack is an innovative, flexible and interactive music app.


It provides you with a new way to learn with and perform the greatest hits in your living room or on stage, with very high quality versions of your favorite songs.


You're a guitarist? Shut the guitars down and play along with your favorite bands.


Learning the drums? Isolate the drums and you can clearly hear every hit, and when you’ve learned the part, lock in with the bass track.


Singing a new tune with your band this weekend? Drop out the lead vocals and learn from the lyric sheet while the music plays.


Want to play your own hot licks, distinct from the original? Kill the stem you’re playing and rock out.



- Multitrack playback

- Controls on each stems

- Mix controls and save

- Lyrics

- Nashville Notation Chords

- Share on Facebook



A free demo track is offered in the app. To get more track, you may go and choose other great hits covers.

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